Welcome to JT’s Pub & Grill, a neighborhood San Diego pub established in 1961 – back when Mission Valley was a dairy farm and milk/cheese products were sold out of our building. In 1961 the building was transformed into a roadhouse San Diego bar called the Palamino Club. It had a dance floor and Naugahyde booths surrounding it. After that it was turned into a San Diego Irish bar known as the Blarny Stone, the first Blarny Stone in San Diego. It went through a few more name changes, including the Dublin Pub and The Clubhouse until it became JT’s Pub and Grill in 2001.

JT’s attracts a large, diverse group of regular patrons from the neighborhood, the military, and the energetic vibe of those who join us from San Diego State University to keep us popping every night. Whether it be by the luck of the Irish or through the hard work of our friendly and welcoming staff, we are thankful for all of those who have found us and continue to support us through the years!

How To Find Us & What To Expect JT’s Pub and Grill – A San Diego neighborhood bar – is located on Mission Gorge Road, on the north side of the 8 freeway. We have some of the friendliest bar staff in San Diego and are open daily from 11am-2am. Happy Hour is from 11am-7pm daily, with events each evening starting at 9pm. See What’s Happening Today… We invite you to stop by and have a beer, cocktail, or shot, grab some food, play pool, watch the games on our flatscreens, and enjoy the company of good friend

5821 Mission Gorge Rd San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 280-4698